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A New Way Of Seeing The World

Do you wear glasses? Or Contact Lenses? Or even sunglasses?

​Well - if you do, I want you to think about something...

I have just had to have a new pair of glasses; well, lenses in my existing frames to be precise. I had noticed that I was needing longer arms when reading stories to my children! It had been 2 years, so I was due a check-up anyway.

I went and had my eye test and discovered that I did, indeed, need a new prescription. But this time, I needed two different prescriptions. I needed one for long distance and one for close up.

I was now faced with the choice:

"2 pairs of glasses or the much feared VARIFOCALS!"

I decided I would go for the varifocals. In my day to day existence I simply cannot consistently switch between two different pairs of glasses.

I went back a week later to collect them and try them out. Well, what can I say? They are great! They made me feel a little sea-sick for the first day or two, and bizarrely I found myself with neck ache from needing to constantly adjust the angle of my head when carrying out different tasks (so that I was looking through the correct part of the lens). But the brain is very clever, and in 48 hours I had it nailed.

Why am I telling you all this?

Well - apart from recommending that you go and get your eyes checked as a matter of routine (your eyes are important, after all) - this whole process has made me think.

When you wear glasses, or lenses, they change the way you see the world. When you get new lenses, like I did, ​you become acutely aware of what they are doing to you and the effect they are having. But this awareness is only short lived. The brain very quickly adjusts and soon you are basically unaware of the change.

In fact, for most of the time, you are completely unconscious of the fact that your view of the world is being shaped and altered by your glasses.​

As a psychologist, I can tell you that you have some 'inner glasses' too. You have a mindset, beliefs and way of thinking which is shaping the way you see the world.

Most of the time, you are completely unaware of how this is changing your view of the opportunities around you, and even your view of yourself. It is only when somebody makes you aware of it, of when something happens which makes you question if things are really as they seem, that you feel the need for a check up.

With glasses, you can have your eyes tested, and an optometrist will tell you if you need glasses.

But how can we know if we need to change our mindset. How can we deal with the fixed and often long held belief systems which influence the way we think about things? How can we sort out the very things which are holding us back if we are largely unconscious of them?​

That is what I will deal with in the next post! I will see you there, if you are ready for a check up!​

In the mean time - comment below and let me know your thoughts and experiences!​

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