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Adele, Product Launches and Passive Income

Adele - Welcome Back!

​I for one really enjoy Adele. Her voice is stunning and she is a very down to earth person not in the least pretentious or 'divalike' about her success.  I was also very impressed, actually, that she dared to take a break when she had a child.

She is not the first to do this, of course, in the music industry. What makes her interesting, however, is that she can take a break for a few years and then suddenly burst back onto the scene with a new album release, almost as though she had never left.

I can think of a few others who have taken breaks. Barbra Streisand did no public performances for over a decade and then BOOM - she was back. Beverley Craven, however, took a break after her first hit album - also to have a child, and then never really returned, despite an attempted second album.

One of the things that sets musicians and authors apart from the general working public is that they have passive income. This means, if you are not familiar with the term, that they continue to earn even when they are not working.

Because their albums and singles, or books, are still selling and they are getting royalties every time something is used on the radio or in a commercial or film, ​they are able to take a break without any dramatic loss of income.

The same thing is true in Internet Marketing.

In this business, we are able to work once and then have our products and services continue to sell 24/7 even when we are asleep or on holiday. Like artists releasing a new book or album, Internet Marketers - from time to time, need to release new products to the marketplace. This keeps our brand known and ensures that ALL the products, even the old ones, keep selling.

There are a few secrets, however, to make this really work effectively.​ In my next post I will release a few of these! The 'Next Post' button is just below, so do click it to read more...

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