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AirKix Indoor SkyDiving, Upsells and OTOs

Today - I flew, without wings... And spent a lot of money!

If you have not heard of AirKix - you should look them up. Basically, it is a large vertical wind tunnel, and you and an instructor go in it wearing a flight suit, and have the experience of free-fall skydiving.

The sensation is pretty amazing. Not quite floating - but certainly a 'flying' quality to it!

OK - So the whole experience cost £180 ($276) for a family of five. We each had two ONE MINUTE flights. That works out at £18 ($27) per minute. A pretty good rate for AirKix!

However - I want to make a point here about the fact that offline business functions in exactly the way as online business.

I often hear people complain about online business with its regular upsells and One Time Offers (OTOs). What they don't realise is that offline business does it in exactly the same way, and can be pretty brazen about it!

AirKix has this down to a fine art.

When we were about to go into the flying area, we were told by our instructor that we had the opportunity to complete a 'High Fly' with the instructor. He would whizz us up to the top of the column in winds of well over 100 Miles per hour. This experience would be billed at £5.00 per person, and would be part of our second minute.

Naturally, this is something everyone would want to experience. This is a classic upsell.​

We were told at the end of the experience, that there was a little bit of time left and that people who wanted another go (more than they had paid for), could have an extra minute for just £11.00. Obviously, this is a saving of £7.00. The decision had to be made right there and then. Miss it - and the opportunity would be gone.

This is a classic One Time Offer.

When we left the flight area, our instructor offered us the chance to book a repeat flight for a big discount - again - not available if booked at a later date. A second OTO.

When we went to pay for the extra 'High Flying' we had done, we were faced with all the images of our flights. There were fridge magnets, t-shirts, mugs, hats, DVDs and more! All if this was for sale, of course. More upsells.

We were presented with certificates detailing what we had achieved. These will be proudly displayed by my children, definitely. Free advertising!

When I got home I noticed that I had been emailed by AirKix offering more discounted offers for rebooking, with a deadline. More OTOs. In addition, I had the opportunity to buy more of the pictures - I could look through them online. Oh... and guess what this is just email marketing to a proven buyer.

Lastly, I had the opportunity to share the photos via FB. They were uploaded directly to my FB Newsfeed in a beautiful AirKix Frame - again, offering more free advertising for the company.

All in all, this is a very slick operation and it is something we can learn from.

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