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Allardyce Quits After One Match

OK - He was pushed. He didn't exactly quit. But the point is, he lasted only one match (which ironically, he won).

So - the cursed England football manager job strikes again and has a new scalp to add to the pile of discredited and failed managers. Bit on this occasion, it is different. You see Sam Allardyce was actually believed to be good.   And he won his one and only match. So what happened?

Well​ - in a newspaper sting operation, he spoke openly about how to get round the rules of the Football Association when it came to player transfer rules and 'third party ownership'.

Big mistake!

You see, when you are in a high profile position, you need to be above suspicion and you need not only to earn but KEEP the trust of the people. He blew it, right there.

In business it is the same.

If you are the kind of person who goes for a quick sale, and focuses on getting money out of people without providing any value in return - or is late paying your affiliates - or sells products that you know do not work - or tells people things are easy, when in fact you KNOW them to be extremely difficult... Then you deserve to fail, and in the end you most certainly will. Dishonesty always bites you in the rear in the end.

Who cares, in the end, if he was a good manager. Who cares if he won a game. He will be remembered for his mistake and has forever damaged his reputation. To quote Alan Shearer, "England are the laughing stock of the world."

Where are you with your business? Are you aiming for the quick buck even when you know others will lose as a result? Be careful. Learn from Sam's mistake...​

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