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Are You Making This Marketing Mistake?

I have a ‘Top Tip’ for you in this post!

There is a real art and science to doing targeted marketing, yet it can make a big difference in the profits you’ll earn, and the ease in doing so…

It’ll literally feel like you’re making marketing miracles in your business everyday by the results you’ll be getting ‘IF’ you take heed to this post!

For simplicity’s sake, targeted marketing boils down to finding your ideal customer. Your ideal buyer. And that’s where most slip up…crash

They think everybody in their industry or little world wants what they’ve got. They think that their product is ‘Universal’. However that couldn’t be any further from the truth.

“NO PRODUCT has everyone as it’s prospective buyer.”

Not even confined within a small niche like the make money niche. Now you might say that things like soap, toilet paper, or light bulbs have an universal appeal. And you’d be dead wrong…

Consider this. If you live in a communal setting like a college, or you spend a lot of time in hotels, you’re probably not a prospect because most often all of that will be supplied for you. That’s millions of people you would have been wrongly marketing to.

If you’re an adult in a household, or an older kid still at home, you may not be an ideal prospect either. If you’re not the one that does the shopping, the clipping coupons, the looking for the deals etc… you likely don’t care what type of shampoo or light bulbs that they get.

So… when it comes to whatever product or service you’re offering online, you’ve really got to hone in on who your ideal customer is.


target your buyer

Your first bucket of prospects may be a little more broad (this could be an opt-in form or low-end product).

Then your next bucket might narrow these people down to more specific interests, desires, age, experience and so on. So much of this prospecting isn’t just in ‘choosing’ the best place to find these buyers. A great marketer takes that initial larger bucket of leads they’ve required, and then they really start to sift out to their ideal customer for various different products and trainings…

And that’s where segmentation, email marketing, and several other factors come into play.

(And of course through this process, you really KNOW and are TALKING to your ideal customer…)

If you really work on this, you can dominate your market rather quickly, and your funnels and marketing will go so deep and custom that nobody would be able to copy what you’re doing, even if they tried.

It sounds complex, but you can do it, just dig in and start getting your hands dirty. Even if you’re working on other things, get on this asap, it’ll work miracles in your business!

And if you’re looking for a more done-for-you option, then I’d highly recommend this system here:


The marketing is already laser focused and it funnels in to your ideal customer.  Also, because it’s such a customised system, my team is having a much higher success rate than they’ve experience anywhere else.

It’s got a full spectrum of products available to appeal to different buyers, their needs and desires. This means you’ll be getting lower ticket to very high and lucrative commissions as well.

Nice? I’d say!

If you want to know more – do ask me in the comments box below.

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