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Easy Sketch Pro Review

Easy Sketch Pro

Why I Am Super Excited!

I have been waiting for this product to come out for a long time. My friend and business partner Paul Lynch first told me it was in development in May last year (2013). Since then, after blood sweat and tears (and a lot of money) it is finally here.

So what is Easy Sketch Pro?

Well, over the last few years, anyone in the advertising industry and certainly working online will have seen the ‘whiteboard style’ sketch videos used on squeeze pages and sales pages.

This kind of video presentation has been proven to hook attention, reduce bounce rate, and increase conversions.

Easy Sketch Pro actually creates these videos in minutes – ready to use.

In my mind – this is a game changer.

Here is a link to the product in action (at this stage it was in development and the name was not settled on):


and here is my video explaining what you get with the whole system:

Also – here is the creator and my business partner, demonstrating the back office of Inner Circle Riches and showing you how it all works with Easy Sketch Pro


This is all extremely cool.

If you want to know more – message me.

If you want to buy it, because you have seen enough and you know this is what you have been looking for,



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