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Excuses, Excuses, Excuses

I have swiped this from my friend and mentor Igor Kheifets.

We all have a turning point (or two) in our paths to success. Attempting to buy a solo ad from Igor one day was certainly a turning point for me. He emailed back to me and told me that my offer was crap and that it was a waste of money buying a solo. I connected with him via Skype and shortly after that I joined his coaching program.

I learned an incredible amount on that coaching program.

I have to say – even though I have not actually gone down the route of selling solo ads, which is the main business model for Igor – what I learned was SO much more important than that. I have gone on to put it into practice in my business daily and have sold well over $60,000 worth of products online since that moment. Better still – I am still learning. This was not some half-hearted coaching. It continues.

I read a post today from Igor and I believe it is so good I wanted to share it right here. So that is what I am doing!


 “Excuses, excuses…

It’s all you hear these days.

I’m not rich. I’m not talented. I’m not lucky.

You’re alive aren’t you?

“If you’re going through hell, keep going” goes the old adage by Winston Churchill. A guy who was outnumbered and out-armed but who never stopped believing he’s made for greatness.

I find it amusing how most marketers choose to complain about the unfair circumstances that stand between them and getting really-really rich online.

Traffic costs.

Technical challenges.

Limited time availability and even LANGUAGE.

I find the latter to be total bullshit with an ever growing amount of online dictionaries, free thesauruses and wide array of online language home study courses.

Well, no one said it’s going to be easy, Broski, so cut your bichin’!

In hindsight, things aren’t too bad for us internet marketers though.

Check this out:

Felix Dennis, whose book I’m almost done with — “How To Get Rich”, gives us an insight into the magazine publishing business. This cigar smoking, poetry writing fine wine addict went through hell and back to publish many of today’s most profitable magazine ventures such as “Maxim” and “The Week”, and you guessed it, Droog — it was anything but easy.

Especially when it comes to obtaining paid magazine subscriptions (which is kinda important, because most sales come from paid subscribers in the Magazine Publishing business). Dennis writes:

“Obtaining paid magazine subscriptions is a costly business. On average, it can cost between fifty and one hundred dollars to obtain a “live” subscriber – one who will eventually renew their subscription and pay off the cost of having attempted to acquire scores of others.”

Here’s why this is such a beautiful nugget of business wisdom:

* You don’t make tons of sales to make tons of money. You make fewer sales and leverage those to pay back for your customer and lead acquisition. For every 100 visitors, your aim is not to close 100 sales, but rather close the 2-5 BIG FISH clients that will “pay it forward”

* It costs a lot of money to acquire a customer in ANY biz. Especially in the entertainment and the restaurant business. You’re still at a loss when the customer comes in for the first time. You break even when he comes back next week. And you profit when his buddy comes in because a friend recommended him to. In the offline world “zero cost” customer acquisition is a myth that’s long gone. Not online though, it’s still very much possible and it’ll stay that way as long as the masses keep foolishly sticking to their “opportunity seeker” mindset.

So, do you need capital?

Of course you do, you’re in business after all, aren’t you?

Do you need a ton of dough to strike gold?

Offline — most definitely. Online — not so much, only a reasonable amount to get started. Unless you sheepishly follow the masses, in which case, you’ll be quickly punished and forced to pay out the nose for your mistakes. This is where mentoring, coaching and READING proves useful. Not just to bank more money but to save a ton of it too!

Last week I collected a deposit for mentoring from a student who said he was tired of struggling. And he really sounded like he was tired. We had a hearty chat and ended the call on a positive note, when he assured me he was going to collect the rest of the funds in a few weeks, come back and get started on building his business.

He also promised to cancel all of his opportunity subscriptions such as The5MinuteMogul and such, in order to stop wasting money on bullshit programs designed to suck your purse dry.

I believed him.

I went to sleep that day knowing (feeling assured) there’s another life I’m going to help change in the coming months.

I was wrong… again.

Today I woke up to find out he submitted an application for mentoring with another marketer who I respect and cherish as a friend (only he didn’t realize I’d know) and confronted him about his decision.

He said he’s just not sure he can come up with the money and that he is desperate.

Do I feel his pain?

Not today, no.

He just proved WHY he struggled since 2009 (I started out in 2009 too, btw. The financial gap between him and me is the size of Grand Canyon. Coincidence? Nope.)

Your takeaways:

1. Don’t be an opportunity seeker. Don’t jump ships the moment things don’t seem to go as planned. The challenges you’re facing now are there to mold you into a person of value. Keep skipping along from one opportunity to the next and nothing’ll change.

2. It takes money to make money. If you’re stupid about how you go about making it, it’ll cost you even more. Read books written by people smarter than you and avoid falling for the metaphysical trap that has people focused on the “thinking” side of things only. “Think & Grow Rich” and “Magic Of Thinking Big” are such books. Get of your bum and make shit happen, as they say.

3. Don’t pretend to be a victim of circumstance. As long as you’re reasonably healthy, can read and write, got a decent wifi (and espresso) and a laptop – you can and SHOULD make money, even if it means selling a bunch of old Wrestling DVD’s, negotiating aggressive payment plans, borrowing money, selling your car, sacrificing time with family or burning the midnight oil. Or even all of the above together. Work 3 jobs if you have to. Do what-ever-it-takes-period.

And most of all…

Luck favors the brave!

Plus, in the words of a famous golfer — “Luck is a strange thing. The more I practiced the luckier I got!”


So there you go. Igor is absolutely right, as usual. 

If you like his stuff – and want to see more – you can visit his site here > > http://www.thelistbuildinglifestyle.com < <

Tell him I sent you!




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