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So - it is a staggering 25 years since the death of Freddie Mercury.

I can remember it like it was yesterday.

Obviously, I knew he was ill. We all did. But I remember lying in bed and hearing on the radio that he had actually died. I was absolutely devastated, which surprised me. I was not a 'fanatical' fan, I had never seen Queen or Mercury in concert and I only had a few albums.​ But as a musician and a singer myself - I LOVED Mercury's voice and writing.

I was in shock at the loss this would be to the world. I could not imagine never hearing him again.

Somebody with such talent - gone forever.

And then some of his most poignant songs (even if they were written by/with Brian May) came back with more power:

"Who wants to live forever?";
"These were the days of our lives.";
"The show must go on"...​

But you know what? He has lived forever and the show has gone on.

Queen and Mercury are as popular as ever with all generations. This is because he produced something others did not. He was flamboyant, eccentric, difficult to work with and all the rest of it - but he filled a gap in the market place which has never been filled by anyone else. He used what he had and relentlessly pursued his goals.

He began by working on market stalls, whilst trying to 'get noticed'. Many would have given up - but Freddie did not. And in the end, he has become one of the most recognisable voices of the world EVER.

Only Mercury could have released the song "Barcelona", complete with Opera from Montserrat Caballe​. Not only that, it became the theme music for the Olympic games hosted there!

So what can we learn from this?

Well simply: Follow your dreams and never give up.

If you do this - you never know what you will achieve.

Your legacy could well live on long after you have died.​

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