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One Of The All Time Greats

“The Two Ronnies” – “Four Candles”

two ronnies

The Two Ronnies were one of Britain’s greatest loved comedy duos. They produced many timeless sketches, but this one is perhaps the most famous. It has everything you would want in comedy – jokes that are funny even if you know what is coming, and jokes that are even funnier because they are surprising. What is more – it is acted superbly, creating an altogether uplifting experience.

See what you think of it:

Now, you may think that such a sketch could not be repeated in a new way without ruining it. In fact, for many years it was seen as an untouchable piece of comedy that should definitely be left alone. Others argued that even if it were possible to make a new version of the sketch, there would be no point as this one was perfect and it would be pointless to try again.

I think many people are like this when it comes to business. They assume that because somebody has already made such and such a product, there is no point making another one. This is a big mistake. Some of the best ideas are reinventions or re-presentations of old ideas. Just look at DYSON (UK Inventor of the Dual Cyclone Vacuum Cleaner – different from the Optimize Press guy!). He spends his time finding new and better ways of presenting old ideas.

I always tell my students that if they want to create a product (and it is always good to have and sell your own), they should look at what is out there and make their own version of something successful. This is particularly easy with information products. It is also possible with software though. Work out what problem is being solved. Work out what you think has not been done very well. Create your own version which solves all the problems (the new ones included!).

If you want to know a short cut to product creating, I wrote another post about it with some training, some time back. Take a look here – ‘Creating a Product‘.

By the way, long after Ronnie Barker died, Ronnie Corbett decided that it was time he reinvented the Four Candles sketch. As you will see – it is not the same sketch at all, but simply takes an old idea and breathes new life into it. It is also absolutely hilarious!

CLICK HERE if you want to see it.

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