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Resources and tools i use

This is Thrive Themes. I use Thrive Themes to build my blog, all my squeeze pages, sales pages and membership sites. If you buy this - you get access to the Thrive Content Builder plugin (available separately) and Thrive Leads Plugin (available separately too), plus all new plugins they develop! You don't need to pay expensive fees to LeadPages or Click Funnels if you have this (and it is better anyway!)

Better WordPress Content

The Thrive Content Builder will make you never see WordPress in the same way again. You can use it on sites not using Thrive Themes (or use it with their own themes to make it EVEN BETTER! The best thing is - you get all the plugins when you buy Thrive Themes.

D9 Hosting

I use D9 Hosting to host all my sites, and email servers. The support is awesome and the service is reliable. What makes it better is that the company was set up by two Internet Marketers who got fed up with the difficulties of using traditional hosting service providers. They have made here a package which suits exactly what we need in our business and they understand the requirements of Internet Marketing.

This is the voice recorder I use. TOP quality sound and really easy to use. Records as mp3 or wav. Comes with a memory card and an adapter.

I use EasyVSL to make simple sales videos to go with written sales copy. I record the audio using the H1 Zoom (above) and this does the rest. I love it! It used to take me ages messing around with Power Point and Screen Flow.

If you prefer 'Doodle Animations' - there are lots of things on the market - but I have not found anything as simple or as flexible as Easy Sketch Pro. Not only can you use this in your own videos, you can make money selling videos as a service to others. This is an awesome piece of software, and it just keeps on getting better too!

Thrive Leads: Build Your Mailing List

I am using this plugin (as part of Thrive Themes) to split test and rotate when marketing. It handles all my multi-variate testing.

Powered by AWeber

I use Aweber for my email marketing. It is a quality system with outstanding deliverability and ease of use. Sign up above for one of their special Free Test Drives.

Link Cloaking and Tracking Software That Works - LinkTrackr

All good marketers need to track their clicks and see what is converting and where their traffic is coming from. I use LinkTrackr. I have tried all sorts of solutions and I find it the most flexible and comprehensive service.

I recommend reading this book. It will help to reprogram your mind to prepare for success. It will help you to defeat your own limiting beliefs.

This is one of my main income producers. It is a simple 3-step system. Using this has helped me to make six figures in sales online.

When you release your own products, you need to be able to make sales. To do that, you need to write sales letters. You have two choices - pay a copy-writer or do it yourself. Personally, I advise doing most things yourself as you grow your business - but copywriting is a REAL skill. The secret is to use "Push Button Letters" From Marlon Sanders. I use it for my own copy in written and Video Sales Letters in conjunction with Easy VSL.