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2 Secrets For Avoiding Shiny Object Syndrome

OK – this will be unpopular, but I prefer to be honest rather than give false hope.

How To Avoid Shiny Object Syndrome

We have all seen it. We have all experienced it. What you probably did not know is that even very successful marketers ALSO suffer from it.

sosShiny Object Syndrome is the incredible, emotional, adrenaline pumping and heart racing excitement we all get when reading the sales pages of new Internet Marketing products. The sales copy is designed to hook us and to lead us on a journey, so that we feel an irresistible urge to pull out our credit cards and buy whatever is on offer. In fact, the sales copy is so powerful, we are convinced that we need things we do not need. We are provided solutions for problems that we do not even have! This means, we end up spending money and spending more money, for products we leave n our hard drives – never even used.

So what is this all about? Why does it happen and how can we avoid it?

You will be glad to hear that it is part of the human condition. You are not ‘ill’, even if sometimes you feel you have an addiction!

Over hundreds of thousands of years, we have evolved a self-preservation instinct, which drives us to cling on to advantage and resources. If we think a resource is scarce – we desire it even more. If we think having a resource will make life easier in the future, we are programmed to want it. It is what has made us so successful as a species. This is why, even if we do not need something, or we have enough, we find ourselves wanting more.

OK – So understanding the problem is part of the solution. But it is not enough simply to understand what is going on. We need also to have some strategies for avoiding the problem when it comes to Internet Marketing Products.

Thankfully – there are some secrets to avoid Shiny Object Syndrome and I am going to reveal them now.

Secret One – Invest A Lot of Money on ONE Thing.

Now this may seem counter intuitive. After all, you are trying to avoid spending more money – right? Stick with me.

If you buy lots of small, cheap products – you know, the $7 – $27 variety, you FEEL as though you are not really investing much at a time. You are satisfying the psychological need to AQUIRE the resource – but you have the in built excuse that you have not spent much money on it – so you can avoid committing to making it work. It is easy to move on to the next shiny object, because you did not spend much on the last one.

In fact – I would argue that experience tells us that spending anything less than $1000 can easily be ignored psychologically.

The strange thing is that people regularly spend more than this overall – it is just that it is made up of a number of cheaper products, and their $47 upsells (or even a $200 upsell). This is the worst of all worlds. We are not committing ourselves to anything – and our satisfaction is only short lived. All we do is buy the next shiny object.

If we commit to spending a larger amount of money, $1000+ we are actually 67% more likely to commit to what we have spent the money on. The additional benefit is that we only have ONE product, which is easier to focus on and does not dilute our time. This is immediately more efficient, more effective and makes us more successful.

Secret Two – Get a System and a Coach.

People who buy expensive products that have training, but nobody to guide them through it – often flounder alone. Even with training, needing to create a whole system and work alone without support leaves somebody questioning whether they are doing the right thing. Indeed, if results do not come quickly, these people are in danger of being sucked into the latest shiny object exactly because they have not seen success fast enough.

Here is the unpopular bit.

Success is usually not immediate. It takes commitment and effort over a prolonged period, with a system that works, and with a coach that guides you through it. It also takes investment financially – to make sure that you are actually using a system with the potential for success.

It is possible to avoid Shiny Object Syndrome completely.

Step One

Find a system and a coach who will take you through it. This system will need a proven track record.

Step Two

Buy into that system. It will need to cost you more than $1000. In fact – the more you spend, the more committed you will be to make it work and to follow through the instructions of your coach.

If you do not do this – you will actually spend EXACTLY the same amount of money, but on a load of poor quality products which leave you drowning in dead techniques and misinformation.

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