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Setting Things Up To Work


One thing that frustrates me is that people search for a system where they can pay their money and it will make them rich overnight. You know the kind of thing. Some bit of software that has found a loophole in Google and sucks hundreds of thousands of pounds into your bank account. Quite apart from sounding illegal if you have no idea from where this money has come – none of these promises ever live up to their claims.

The reason is that someone somewhere needs to do some work.

I know it is unpopular to say it – but actually, you or someone else needs to put in the hours to make a system that works.

There are many steps.

  • A product needs designing and creating (there is always a product, even if you are trading shares or spread betting).
  • Sales Copy needs to be written and tested.
  • Delivery of the product needs to be sorted.
  • Processing of payments needs to be sorted and tested.
  • Customer support desks need to be created and managed so that tickets can be raised and kept track of (and support provided).
  • Traffic needs to be generated (either free or paid) and this needs to be tested to make sure it is profitable, by split testing ads and traffic sources.
  • Updates need to be made once initial sales have come in and discovered bugs with software or issues with the product.


I could go on.

It is foolish to assume that some simple hack can allow you to generate money without all these things first being in place.

Just take a look at this video. It is the world record Domino Toppling attempt.


Now, those of you who took the time to watch it all will notice a few important things.

  1. It would have taken days to set it up before tipping the first domino. There would be no point in knocking over domino one if the rest of the trail was not there ready and waiting.
  2. Some of it failed. This does not mean the whole event failed. Nor does it mean they were wrong to have even started. Launching something is always a risk and we need to have a go even if sometimes things don’t work out as we planned.
  3. Each of these is a simple step. One domino hitting another. It is the overall effect which is impressive. It is the same with your business.

The secret of course is knowing HOW to set everything up so that it works. This comes by trial and error. These domino guys did not do this as their first attempt. It takes time, resilience and patience to be successful in anything.

There are some shortcuts, but it still takes careful handling. This was a team approach. Different people worked on different sections, which were all put together at the end. If one section was not working, the whole thing would have failed. If one member had not been careful, they could have wiped out the whole attempt.

In my business, I did things the hard way. I did the trial and error. Through that I learned what works and what doesn’t. I found out that I needed to set things up in the background before sending out any traffic. People seem to focus on traffic all the time, but actually, it is the LAST thing that is needed. Traffic is simply the tipping of the domino.

I have spent so long now working this business that I know how to provide you with a room full of dominos already laid out – ready to go. All you need to to is walk in and tip the first domino. In fact – I even tell you how to do that. In fact, in my system, we will even tip the first one for you if you are not confident!

If you are interested in getting a system where everything is set up and ready to run, a system which will bring you an income, a system where you are able to see how things work and know how to repeat it, a system where you will know how to add new sections and scale things up yourself – just contact me. This is not a fake ‘legal hack’, this is a fully functioning business, complete with all the steps laid out. It just happens to be done for you rather like a franchise. Like a franchise though, you will still need to work it once you get it.

Seriously – for serious people, I can give it ALL to you, and set you on the right path to success! Just contact me.

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