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Shiny Object Syndrome

One of the biggest issues for all online marketers is “Shiny Object Syndrome”.


We are all in the business of promoting our offers and of making sure that we connect with other people who may want to buy them. The difficulty is that this means we come across a lot of other offers ourselves. So begins the danger of jumping from one product to another over and over again, without making any of them actually work.

I have always said that it is important to stay with the same product and give it a proper go. When you know that others are genuinely making money with something, then you know that you can make money with it too. You simply need to put in the hours and think creatively about making sure you have a unique selling position.

However, we must also make sure that we do not put all our eggs in one basket.

We need to make sure that we have multiple streams of income (MSOI). That way, if one drops we still have the others.

The difficulty is the balancing act of creating or trying to create a new stream of income, without losing focus on the the first one. That is an art.

It is this, however, that I pride myself in being able to do.

Here are some tips:

1. Make sure that your first income is stable and relatively secure
2. Make sure that the new offer/system you are trialling is not so time consuming that you will damage your first
3. Make sure the new offer does not undermine the first

I want to focus on numbers 2 and 3, as the first is straight forward.

Make sure that the new offer/system you are trialling is not so time consuming that you will damage your first

Don’t take on something that is going to eat up all your time. This is especially the case if your first offer requires some time. I work very hard to support my team members, for example. I would not be able to do this if I took on a new opportunity that was time consuming.

For example – I could become a solo ad seller as an extra stream of income. However, the relentless emailing and the need to replenish my burned out list would be massively time-consuming. This would remove my time doing team training. My team make me money so it is better to build the team rather than take on something like solo selling.

Make sure the new offer does not undermine the first

By this, I mean, make sure that your new offer does not cut across the things you say in your sales pitch for the primary offer. People look for consistency and trust. If you promote affiliate marketing in one offer and then rubbish it in the next, people will not trust you. You need to make sure that your new income streams can all tie into each other. The best thing you can hope for is that all your buyers actually buy into EVERYTHING from you, and that all these offers work together for them and you.

Well – I am often looking at new  systems in addition to my primary business (Inner Circle Riches).

The key thing for me is that neither of these undermines what I am doing in either Inner Circle Riches or with Guru Strike Back. If I find something else which can enhance or improve things – then great. Of course, I will post about it here!

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