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When Niagara Falls Freezes Over…

What Causes Niagara Falls to Finally Freeze?

I woke up this morning to a chilly day in the UK and heard the news that Niagara Falls had frozen solid.

After some investigation – it transpires that it is still flowing, but that parts are certainly frozen. Take a look at this picture:

Niagara Falls Frozen

Courtesy of REUTERS/Aaron Harris

Now it got me to thinking…

Isn’t it amazing that yesterday, all was flowing freely and yet today even this mighty waterfall can be slowed down so dramatically?

And this is all because of a TINY drop in temperature between the two days.

Sure it was cold yesterday – but now – this.

The secret is that it has been getting steadily colder – one degree at a time. It is the final degree that makes the difference, but it needed all the others too.

In Internet Marketing – people often see those who are having success and they want to get there from nothing in one jump. They do not realise that actually – those successful people took a series of very small but consistent steps. Each tiny step may seem insignificant on its own – but in time – you certainly see the results.

So, the question is – which consistent – tiny – steps are you taking in your Internet Marketing business each and every day?

What are you doing to generate leads and make connections?

If you want some guidance – take a look at my Core Blogging Checklist.

Wrap up warm!

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