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Why Is Blogging ESSENTIAL For All Online Marketers?

What is the one thing that sets successful marketers apart from all the others?

Now - I could talk about mindset. I could talk about perseverance and dedication. I could talk about any number of personal characteristics. Alternatively, I could take a different tack....

​I could talk about having their own product. I could talk about having copy-writing skills. I could talk about having capital to invest (or the nerve to invest it). I could talk about having the technical ability to overcome the challenges that inevitably come their way.

But actually, I would be wrong.

These things may indeed be important. Some of them may even be vital. But actually, there is only one thing that all successful marketers have which sets them apart from non-successful marketers.

"All Successful Marketers Have A Brand"

Now, don't get me wrong. I am not here talking about having a fancy company title which becomes a household name (although Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook are good examples of that!). I am talking about how the successful individuals, whether they have a separate company name or not, have created a web presence around themselves.

You see, this is the BIG mistake that newbie marketers make...

Those just getting started with ​online marketing generally try to go the affiliate route to save themselves the complexities of creating their own products and dealing with customer service and payment processing etc.

This means they start with marketplaces like Clickbank or JVZoo and find products to promote. They then buy traffic and send it to the sales pages of these products. But they don't make enough money to cover their costs.​

There is a reason for that.

The traffic is COLD and it has landed on a sales page without any pre-framing or any warming up. This is the very definition of how not to make a sale. You see, people don't just buy offers. There is a crucial step missing here...

"People Buy From People."

So, the job of the marketer is to build a presence and brand around themselves. They need to make themselves known and trusted. They need to be easy to find and easy to learn about. They need to be able to spend some time with and get to know. They need to be a person - not just a sales page!

OK - So how can someone go about building this brand and presence?'​

Well, let's think about this step by step.

People need to be able to discover you and learn about you​. But more than that, they need to be able to get to know what kind of person you are. They need to see that you are around, accessible, active. They need to see that you have something sensible to say and that you are the kind of person they want to do business with.

This is true no matter which niche you are in.

In my experience there is nothing more powerful to do this than having a blog.

Blogs encourage engagement and build trust. They enable people to see offers you are promoting and come back later to buy them. People will remember YOU and find YOU to purchase from. Marketers who send traffic simply to sales pages lose most of their traffic. Using a blog means that you can maximise the value of your traffic.

"Blogs enable potential customers to spend time with you before they buy."

Let me explain:

​With a blog, you are able to build a relationship with a customer. You can also presell offers before your readers go to the sales page. When these things are taken together, it is a very powerful combination. People who have been spending time on your blog and getting to know, like and trust you actually visit the sales pages of the offers you promote already predisposed to buy. They are visiting the page having had a personal recommendation from someone they know and we all know that word of mouth advertising from friends is the most powerful kind there is.

If you have (or plan to make) products of your own to sell, then a blog is essential for two reasons.

You can showcase your own products on your blog.

Conversions on sales of products are always considerably higher for the product owner. Your blog is your shop window and as the owner of both the product and the shop, you will do well.

You can brand your products and your blog the same way.

This can be as simple as having your name on both, or it can be more sophisticated in terms of design elements. Either way, as people become familiar with your blog they are more likely to buy your products - even if they encounter them somewhere else!

What is my evidence for this?

Well - first and foremost my evidence is through my own experience. There is a lot of engagement right here on my blog and I get virtually ALL my sales from people who have found me and spent time with me right here. People buy products from my blog. People join my list and buy products I recommend to them via email. But interestingly, even cold traffic can buy because they have heard of me - and that can only be because of my blog presence.

However, it is not just me. Here are some other examples of marketers using blogs powerfully in their businesses​:

John Chow​ - Affiliate Marketer
Rob J Temple - CEO Marketing Kickstart
Rich Schefren - CEO Strategic Profits
Ryan Deiss - CEO Digital Marketer
Russell Brunson - CEO DotComSecrets

So - my final advice is this:

If you have not got your own blog - make it a priority to get one. If you have, then make sure that you produce great content, the build an audience, build your brand and build relationships.

Most of all - remember that if you write your content in the right way, you can entertain and educate but you can also SELL!

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