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Why Your Mindset Is So Powerful

I often talk about mindset.

I tell people that over many years, they program their brain in very powerful ways so that it controls not only how they see the world, but how they make decisions. People believe they are free to make decisions, but actually, their brain is so powerfully 'wired' according to their now ingrained philosophy that their choices are pretty much predestined.

This is so much the case, that people who have negative thoughts as a matter of course will almost certainly fail, because they make decisions which will bring it about.

It is also the reason that successful people are successful. They have been making the right choices their whole lives.

So - does that mean we are fated to be either successful or unsuccessful? Can we change?

The good thing is - YES - we can.

But - It takes a lot if time and effort. We basically need to rewire our own brains. We have to unlearn our old way of thinking and start to think in a new way again.

If you read the right books and blogs, and listen to the right teachers. If you get the right mentors - then you can do this. It takes time - but it is possible.

Once you think the right way - your actions will be more successful. Sure - you will fall over a number of times along the way - but in the end, you will make it if you stick with it. This is just like riding a bike!​

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