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Winners Never Quit And Quitters Never Win

Those of you who have followed me for any length of time will be aware that I have developed the product Social Traffic Magnet.

After around a year of testing and tweaking, I then put all that I had developed (and had success with) into a training area and got it ready to sell.

I got it all ready and listed it on JVZoo.

I got affiliates signed up ready for the big launch.

We had only FOUR HOURS to go...

I got to the final test - 'purchase everything in the funnel to make sure that it all still works' (We had tested it all once before).


Totally without reason (or so it seemed) - everything failed. The product delivery system was broken.

Sure - I got the money come through, but no account was set up in the membership site. This means that in almost no time at all I would have hundreds - even thousands - of unhappy customers who had paid for access and not been given it.

First thing to do - recheck all the settings.

Nope - not that. 

Second thing to do - Reinstall all the plugins.

Nope - not that.

Third thing to do - Ask others to look - Perhaps they can see something obvious you have missed.

Nope - nothing obvious.

OK. There is nothing else I could do at that late stage. I needed to postpone the launch. Better to disappoint a few affiliates for a short time, than disappoint thousands of customers and lose my reputation.

Solving the problem

So - I did all the usual things you would expect.

I raised support tickets at my host, with JVZoo and with plugin developers. I tried to systematically isolate the issue. Annoyingly - NOTHING seemed to be wrong.

The next stage was to get into the code. Now this is beyond my competency, so I got some coding buddies I trust to take a look. I have two people I always go to if I have issues with my sites that are beyond the obvious to fix.

One is Ryan Thomas and the other is Vikash Kumar. I have great respect for these guys and would recommend them to anyone who needs tech help.

On this occasion, Ryan had a look and clarified that the issue was not with hosting and was not obvious in terms of any coding errors. This suggested that the problem was something to do with the set up of all the plugins and the way it was integrating with JVZoo. Annoyingly - there was nothing we could see.

At this point - Mikhail Della, who developed the WarriorJet Connect plugin - managed to get to the bottom of it. (BIG Shout out to him and his awesome support!).

I had managed to create an impossibility for the plugin.

WarriorJet Connect receives the information about the purchase from JVZoo.  It then cleverly sets up membership in WishList Member and delivers the Login details to the buyer, whilst taking them to the home page.

My problem was, the home page was protected by Wishlist member, which was redirecting automatically to the login page. However, this created a fallacy/loop which WarriorJet could not deal with. Because of this - it did nothing.

So - once Mikhail had managed to uncover this little problem - we fixed it and everything worked again.

What Can We Learn From All This?

Firstly - I did not give up. Believe me - there were times over the last week where I wanted to do that; just throw in the towel.

I know I had worked very hard on all this and quitting at that point was not an option - but here is the thing:

I have always had this kind of determination. I would have pursued the solution even if it had not been at the end of a big project.

I think one of the difficulties new marketers have is that they give up too quickly. They hit a difficulty and immediately give up and move on to something else. For this reason, they never develop the necessary resilience and determination to succeed.

There are only two things you can do in business - Succeed or Quit.

For me - the right choice is obvious.

So - Social Traffic Magnet is back on the menu and will be launching on October 13th. Put it in your diary. Get on the Early Bird list to secure the best price. You will regret it if you don't.

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